vendredi, août 15, 2008

Bla bla bla....

Name?: Carla
Birthplace?: Lima
Current Location?: Lima
Hometown?: Lima
Nationality?: Peruvian
Eye Color?: dark brown
Hair Color?: black
Height?: 5'7
Glasses or contacts?: Both XD
Piercings or tattoos?: got both
Single or taken:?: Single
Siblings names (if any)?: Paola & Ximena
Right Handed or Left Handed?: right
Any pets?: no
Your greatest strength?: mom
Your Weakness?: Lui!
Your parents names?: Nela and Kike
Favorite color?: black, purple, brown and green
Favorite flower?: roses & sunflower
Favorite college basketball team?: none
5 favorite movies and one you wouldn't want anyone to find out about?: a lot like love, serendipity, la vie en rose, jeux d'enfants, monsters inc.... ; ...)
Favorite holiday?: my bday *_+
Your favorite pizza toppings?: pineapple
Favorite alcoholic drink of choice?: mojito <3
Favorite guilty pleasure?: reality shows
Your favorite lunch meat?: fish
Favorite non-sexual thing to do with a girl/guy?: workout
Favorite season?: spring & summer
Favorite cartoon character?: sponge bob <3
Your favorite food?: peruvian , chinese & french =*)
Favorite Ice cream flavor?: mint
Favorite subject(s) in school?: =S
Favorite candy?: anise candy
Favorite person in your life?: mom
Favorite book of all time?: El zahir
Favorite song?: Better together - J.J
You favorite park?: mmmm?
Favorite place to be?: anywhere with ...
Your favorite sport to watch on TV?: soccer! ^^
Favorite TV show (Still running or ended)?: Sex in the city!
Your Favorite number?: 27...13...9
Your favorite letter(s) of the alphabet?: B...V
Favorite fast food restaurant?: Subway
Who is your favorite Disney Princess?: snow white
What would you consider your favorite T.V. station?: hbo
Favorite names for a son?: mmmm =/
What about favorite names for a daughter?: O_o ! donno! =/
What is your favorite part of your life right now?: discipline
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate...and vainilla ! =P
Alcoholic or non?: both
Long relationships or one night stand?: looOong
Scary movies or comedies?: comedies
Short or long hair?: long (its coming!)
Croutons or bacon bits?: croutons!`
Beach or lake?: beach
Cowboys or Indians?: cowboys
Cops or Robbers?: none
Single or Group Dates?: Single
McDonalds or Burger King?: McDo
Pepsi or Coke:: None
Starbucks or elsewhere?: Starbucks! (my misto! w/ 25% milk! yummy!)
Dogs or cats?: both <3
Jay Leno or David Letterman?: none
Do you smoke?: more than a month without smoking :)
Do you sing?: yes @ my shower ;)
Do you want to get married?: ... hmmm ??
Do you believe in yourself?: yes (Trop!)
Do you get along with your parents?: Yes
Do you go to church?: Yes
Do you want children?: Yes & No... not in my plans right now..
Do you drink?: yes
Do you like to travel by plane?: yes
Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday morning?: No =(
Do you have a teddy bear?: Yes
Do you like thunderstorms?: Yeap
Do you play an instrument?: no
Do you think Jesus is great?: yes
Do you have any friends of the gay preference?: yes
Do you consider yourself a party person or more apt to stay at home?: both
Have you ever fired a gun?: nop
Have you ever loved someone?: yes
Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to?: yes
Have youe ever been with someone of the same sex?: no
Have you ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?: no
Have you ever cried for no reason?: yes
Have you ever cut your own hair?: yes
Have you ever skipped school?: yes
Have you ever bungee jumped?: no
Have you ever punched someone?: yes
Have you ever been arrested?: no
Have you ever broken into someone's house?: no
Have you ever participated in a crime without getting caught?: no
List your top fears:: losing who i love
What bill do you hate paying the most?: cell phone
What did you want to be when you were growing up?: medical geneticist & architect
How many colleges did you attend?: 1
A secret that you wouldn't mind everyone knowing?: mmmmm
What is the biggest amount of money you have made from a yard sale?: mmm $_$ donno XD
What do you get every time you go into a Wal-Mart?: Ice breakers! (gum gum gum)`
What are your views on marriage?: for those who really want it, it really will work
Who from high school would you like to run into?: Maguinha XD!
Worst relationship mistake that you wish you could take back?: jealousy
If you could get away with it, who would you kill?: nobody
What person dead or alive would you like to have dinner with?: Tia Viole
How do you want to die?: peacefully (zzz)
What do you want to achieve in life?: strength
How many jobs have you had?: 4
At this point in life, would you rather start a new career or relationship?: career
Number of drugs you have taken?: none
Your most missed memory?: @ Highschool... with my sister.... my childhood @P.L... w/ my aunty
What are your first thoughts upon waking up?: I wanna go back to bed "-_-
Who would you like to see right now?: Lui!
Are you still friends with your ex's?: yes =)
What books are you reading (if any)?: Just finished "Afrodita" - Allende
What are your regrets?: fear
Who do you talk @ MySpace?: my sis
Do you cheer for the bad guy?: no
What do you want when you are sick?: my mom
Strangest place you have ever brushed your teeth?: i donno =/
What country would you most like to visit?: quebec
How many pillows do you sleep with?: +5
What is the best way you document your life?: blog & pics
Love and Romance...: Paris
Music...: iPod
School...: "Formación, cantando el himno..."... "Armando papelotes...""Maguinha, Galvez...".".. "Waaaa.."
Politics...: Lies
The internet...: Fun

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